Steering Commitee


Alessandro Figà Talamanca (Honorary Director)
Alessandro Figà Talamanca, together with Carlo Pucci and Edoardo Vesentini was responsible for the institution, at the national level, of summer courses for the training of research mathematicians. He was the first director of the SMI.

Luca Chiantini
Professor of Geometry at the University of Siena. His main research interests deal with algebraic geometry, particularly projective varieties in characteristic zero. He has worked on canonical forms of polynomials, decomposition of tensors, degenarate projective embeddings, fiber bundles on manifolds, singular curves on surfaces.

Graziano Gentili
Professor in Geometry at the University of Florence. His main research interests are: geometric theory for functions of complex and hypercomplex variables; holomorphic dynamics and iteration theory; computational geometry, Geometric Modelling, formalization of mathematics and its applications.

Giovanni Monegato
Professor of Numerical Analysis at the Politecnico di Torino. His research activity concerns the construction and analysis of numerical methods, and, more generally, the numerical simulations in applied problems.

Massimo Picardello
Professor of Mathematical Analysis at the University of Roma “Tor Vergata”. His main research interests deal with harmonic analysis, representation theory of free groups and groups of automorphisms of trees, integral geometry on trees, discrete potential theory and harmonic functions for transition operators on trees and graphs.

Fabio Podestà 
Professor of Geometry at the University of Firenze. His research activity focuses on differential geometry with particular interest for special geometric structures, their automorphisms and Lie group actions.

Adriano Tomassini
Professor of Geometry at the University of Parma. His main research interests range from cohomology of (almost) complex manifolds to symplectic geometry, from special metrics to deformations of complex structures.


Collaborator and Administrative Staff





Dott.ssa Ariela Caramella (Administrative secretary)



Cinzia Benedetti (Meeting secretary)

Silvana Boscherini (Conference secretary)



Professor Massimo Giulietti (Teaching Office Chairman on behalf of the Math. Department)

Professor Roberta Filippucci (Courses Coordinator)

Serena Arteritano (Computer Lab service and assistance)

Fabio Brustenghi (Logistic and technical assistance)

Luana Chiappini (secretarial and logistic assistance)

Fabio Rossi (Computer Lab service and assistance)

Dott.ssa Ilaria Rossini (Teaching secretary)

Dott.ssa Chiara Sivolella (Library service and research)

Angelo Teodori (Logistic and technical assistance)

Cristina Urbani (Teaching secretary)

Riccardo Zampolini (Computer Lab service and assistance)