Perugia 2019

Important: the new deadline for applications is June 15!

In Summer 2019, five graduate courses in mathematics will be organized at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Perugia (Italy), under the sponsorship of the Consorzio per l’Alta Formazione in Matematica (CIAFM), Department of University and Scientific Research (MIUR) and Istituto di Alta Matematica (INdAM).

The lectures will be given from July 22 to August 16 (participants will register in Perugia July 21. The location for the registration will be detailed soon on this page).

The courses are addressed to young graduates wishing to extend and complete their knowledge of mathematics at the Master or Ph.D. level.


Algebraic GeometryChris Peterson
Colorado State University
Differential GeometryLiviu Ornea 
University of Bucarest
Functional AnalysisMarius Ghergu
University College Dublin
Mathematical StatisticsLarry Goldstein 
University of  Southern California
Numerical AnalysisMichele Benzi 
Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

Obligations of participants 
Each participant is required to choose two courses in addition to problem sessions. Daily attendance is compulsory for participants. A final written test will be given by the lecturer; no certification of proficiency will be issued.

Lodging and Subsidies
Each student will be lodged at one of the University residences, in a double room shared with at most one other participant; the lodging expenses will be covered by the School. From Sunday to Friday included, the School offers, free of charge, a fixed menu dinner at a local restaurant, subject to regular course attendance.
Each participant can ask a refund for travel expenses:

  • up to 300 euro, for foreign students
  • up to 150 euro, for Italian students

by presenting a return ticket. The actual amount of the refund depends on availability of funds.

Applications can be submitted exclusively online at:


Deadline for applications is June 15, 2019.

A selection committee will meet shortly afterwards and all admitted foreign applicants will be notified of the result in due time. Applications should contain the titles of three courses the applicant would like to attend (in order of preference), only a BRIEF CURRICULUM VITAE and a DETAILED CURRICULUM STUDIORUM (including a certificate with the list of university courses taken and corresponding grades). Applicants are requested to state if their participation is conditioned by receiving of a fellowship and/or travel grant. Once accepted into the program, participants will be required to submit a registration fee of 80 euros.

See our poster here.