Due to COVID-19 emergency, the courses of the Summer School organized by SMI at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Perugia will be offered online starting from

July 19 to August 13, 2021


Each course will begin on Monday July 19, 2021 and will be held online from Monday through Friday, every week. The lectures will end on Friday August 13, 2021.

Besides the lectures (each lasting 55 minutes), two problem sessions (each lasting 1-and-a-half hours) will be scheduled during each week.

The courses are addressed to young graduates wishing to extend and complete their knowledge of mathematics at the Master or Ph.D. level.


Course Instructor Syllabus
Algebraic Geometry

Frank-Olaf Schreyer

Universität des Saarlandes

Complex Analysis

John Erik Fornaess

NTNU, Trondheim

Differential Geometry

Barbara Nelli

Università dell'Aquila

Functional Analysis

Frédéric Robert

Université de Lorraine

Mathematical Statistics

Larry Goldstein

University of Southern California

Numerical Analysis

Alessandra Aimi

Università di Parma

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Obligations of participants 

Each participant is required to choose two courses and attend all lectures and problem sessions of these courses. A final exam will be given by the lecturer of each course; no certification of proficiency will be issued.

Registration fee

The registration fee for admitted participants is 50 euros. Payment details will be sent with the admission comunication by e-mail. NEW: See the instructions to complete your enrollment.


Applications can be submitted exclusively online at:


Deadline for applications is June 30, 2021.



A selection committee will meet shortly afterwards and all admitted foreign applicants will be notified of the result in due time. Applications should contain the titles of three courses the applicant would like to attend (in order of preference), only a BRIEF CURRICULUM VITAE and a DETAILED CURRICULUM STUDIORUM (including a certificate with the list of university courses taken and corresponding grades). The exact e-mail address to which all correspondence concerning the Summer courses has to be mailed should be clearly stated. Selected people will be informed by e-mail.


The platform used for the lectures is ZOOM.

In order to attend the lectures, especially the problems sessions, where the Zoom whiteboard will be used interactively, it is necessary to have or acquire at least a graphics drawing tablet with pen, of minimum dimensions 6,3 x 4 inch.


For informations concerning the organization of the courses, please contact: