How to complete your enrollment

If you decide to participate please register by paying the 50 euro of registration tax by means of the following payment methods:


1: a bank transfer (bonifico bancario) at the following bank account:


IBAN: IT 36 I 02008 03043 000029497551


Filiale Perugia Univ. – Via Fabretti, 9 c/o Università degli Studi Perugia


2. with a Paypal account, by transfer to the following e-mail address:


We emphasize that only when the fee has been paid, your registration is completed.


Please confirm your participation as soon as possible at the following e-mail address:

and please, upload the receipt of your payment at the following e-mail address:

in any case before JULY 15, 2021.


For informations concerning the organization of the courses, please contact: or


For technical informations concerning the platform ZOOM, please contact: